Need Your Parking Lot Swept?

Cantel Has You Covered!


Since 1985 Cantel has been providing its customers with clean parking lots and quality service

The appearance of your parking lot can say a lot to your customers.  A dirty parking lot can give any business a negative appearance. 

Curb appeal can play a vital role in determining where customers shop.  With regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping, your parking lot

will remain cleaner and provide added benefits as well. 


A parking lot that is maintained discourages people from littering.  With regular maintenance, the life of your parking lot will

increase and the chance of erosion caused by debris will be reduced.  Sweeping helps remove trash and debris that pollute the

storm water runoff and end up in our drinking water.  Some other benefits are that your parking lot striping and seal coating will last


Even your inside floor coverings will last longer because sweeping reduces the abrasives that cling to your customer’s shoes. 


Our Parking Lot Sweeping Services includes:

·        Our sweeper truck operator uses a backpack blower to move debris away from sidewalks, curbs and building sides


·        Our sweeper truck drives through the parking lot picking up debris and trash


·        Our sweeper truck operator leaves an orange service card stating when they were at the property


·        On-Call sweeping services available


·        Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly sweeping services available


·        Our fleet of sweeper trucks operate day and night, allowing us to better work around our customers’ needs


·        Our fleet consists of different types of trucks, allowing us to not only sweep parking lots but also parking garages


·        We are able to schedule work to comply with the noise ordinances


We Sweep the following:


§ Apartment Complexes

§   Strip Malls

§   Shopping Centers

§   Parking Garages

§   Industrial Facilities

§   Mobile Home Parks

§   Government Buildings

§   Churches

§   City Parks

And more


Our trained professionals will keep your parking lot looking great!


                            You will discover that regular parking lot sweeping Cantel will provide lasting value to your property.