Cantel is a Great Choice for Your Striping

Our experienced striping crew can meet your parking lot striping needs.

 When it comes to parking lot striping, turn to us.  Cantel only uses top quality traffic paint to ensure great results and longevity.  We make sure the parking lot is clean by using one of our sweeper trucks to vacuum up any dirt or debris that could affect the quality of the work.

 The Temperature Can Make or Break Your Project!

 If the temperature is not warm enough, the paint will not adhere properly to the pavement.  When a parking lot is striped in cold weather, the longevity of the paint is compromised.  The paint can last up to just 6 months and then start to fade, crack or chip away.  Customers are left having to restripe their parking lot and this can be costly. 

At Cantel, we strive to provide our customers with the best results.  By educating our customers about the best practices for striping, we are able provide them with the best results and in turn save them money. 

Not all parking lots are the same.  Some parking lots may have “Visitor” or “Reserved” stenciling and the next may not have any stenciling at all.  If you are in need of custom stenciling, make sure to ask one of our professionals.  We are able to get custom stenciling made for almost any of your needs. 


Our professionals can help with your pre-striping planning.  If you are not sure about something, we can always assist so you are left with the best striping layout for your lot.