Cantel Makes Your Parking Lot “All It Can Be”

Cantel can meet your lot accessory installation and maintenance needs.

LotAssyParkingSignCantel services include installation and maintenance of virtually any type of parking area signage, wheel stops or other items that might be needed.

LotAssyCurbStopThis includes curb stops, warning and instruction signs, benches, trash cans/ash cans, bollards and bike racks, to name just a few. You will also find we are very competitive in our pricing and our results are excellent.

One area of specialization offered by Cantel is replacing and upgrading parking lot curb stops. Broken or unsightly curb stops can pose a hazard to your customers, and should be replaced without delay.

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We provide our customers with top quality results in most any area of parking lot sweeping and maintenance. You will find this is also the case with the many other professional services we currently offer. For more information about us or any of our services, please contact us. We look forward to an opportunity to exceed your expectations.